Montag, 23. Juli 2012

File Explorer issue for specific folders

Yesterday a strange problem occurred on my Windows 7 machine. After some time the File Explorer was not able to move or list files in a directory.

Since I installed a new application before I thought that this new app must be the bad guy!

Today I discovered that this problem only occurs when opening specific folders. Déjà-vu!

Had exactly this problem under XP and now under Windows 7! Do Microsoft's developers never learn from their mistakes?


  • Enable "Always show icons, never thumbnails" (File Explorer: Organize | Folder and search options > View)
  • File Explorer: Organize | Layout | Details Pane/Preview Pane

In my case the first solution did it!

MS wasted some of my (spare-)time again … Maybe this blog entry helps other to safe some time!

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