Mittwoch, 19. November 2008

Some M$ news ...


M$ "kills" their On(c)e Care stuff (I don't know how OneCare customers which have paid for this stuff will think about it ;-)). The successor will me Morro and it will be free?

Do not search at for "morro" you will not find anything useful about it. Just search using and you'll find useful information about it ;-)


Mesh really looks good for a M$ beta ... But, if you can, try to avoid remote access to a device like Windows Server 2003. Otherwise you'll have to reboot that device in order to make it working again like before.

But it looks nice and useful. You just need (of course) a LiveID.

Also Windows Mobile devices are "supported" (Tech preview!). Just to to! on your Pocket PC or Smartphone.

I hope they'll add some WebDAV support, Office Live etc. to Mesh :o)