Mittwoch, 20. April 2011

No Samba/NAS under Vista Ultimate?

Some days ago I got my Fantec MM-FHDL Multimedia Player. It offers NAS and FTP support. Beside the playable video/audio formats NAS support was one of the reasons why I bought that device.

Of course it works fine under Windows XP Professional SP3:

But having troubles under Vista. Depending how I try to open the IP address I am getting different results.

Via Vista Start Menu (0x80070035: “The network path was not found.”):

Btw: As long the above dialog is open, you can’t use the Start Menu ^^. This dialog disables the Start Menu! This isn’t very smart in my view. So it was a bit difficult to start Paint.NET in order to get the screen-shot. But this is another story.

But when using Vista’s File Explorer (0x80004005: “Unspecified error.”):

I assume that Samba/NAS is still supported by Fista (aka Vista)!?

Via FTP (using FileZilla) I am able to access the device under Vista:

But FTP is only a workaround for this nasty Fista problem. I’d just like to use File Explorer!

Ideas how to solve the Fista / NAS / Samba problem are welcome! Btw, a Virtual PC using XP on my Fista machine is no option ;-)

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