Dienstag, 15. März 2011

IE9 (aka IE NEIN?)

Mouse position problem (mouse cursor not visible on screen-shot but ou see the tooltip “Games” on menu item System ^^):


(BTW: The problem above was only temporary – now it works ^^)

Occurs when using JavaScript and CSS.

Still no spell checker?




If the domain is available Winking smile Indeed it seems to load and render faster than IE7/8 Smile

Closing IE9 with multiple tabs open: Will not restore the tabs at next start like FF does …

Anyway, I’ll keep IE9 installed and hope that it will offer the Features which I used to have in the future (meanwhile I continue using Chrome and Firefox).

PS: You may need to reboot your machine after installing IE9

PPS: IE9 launches much faster then IE7, IE8 and even Chrome and Firefox!

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