Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2013

Best Google Drive/DropBox app for Windows Phone?

Google seems to hate Microsoft (e.g. see YouTube app). But I am still hoping and searching for a good Google Drive app for Windows Phone.

I found some good apps but each has its own advantages but also disadvantages.

Google Drive on WP


  • Version:
  • Price: free
  • Also displays shared items
  • A bit slow

File Manager


  • Version
  • Price: € 1,49
  • Free: Only one account at time
  • OK for simple Google Drive usage
  • Other implementations
    • DropBox implementation sucks
    • FTP
    • SugarSync

BoxFiles for Dropbox


  • Version
  • Price: 4 editions / confusing
  • Free: Ads
  • OK, for DropBox


If you know a really good app, specially for Google Drive, please let me know!

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