Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

Additional dictionary for Lotus Notes Mail

Some time ago I asked the question how to install an additional dictionary to LN (e.g. Lotus Notes Mail):

Before LN 8.5.1 it was easy:
File | Preferences > Spell Check >Install Dictionary

Since version 8.5.1 it isn't very easily … I also found a guide in IBM website but that guide is inaccurate and not worked for me. Using LN 8.5.2 at the moment.

Since I’d like to use two dictionaries (English and German) I have to use the “new dictionary format” …

Until today I got no answer. Maybe my question is too difficult or so stupid that no one is answering it!?

Yesterday I installed Symphony 3 and was more than surprised that the spell checker works for German and English text. So, Lotus Notes and Symphony are using different mechanism/dictionaries/… for spell checking!? D’oh!

But my question remains: How can I install additional dictionaries for LN 8.5.2? English spell checker works fine for writing e-mails in LN Mail but sometimes I also writing e-mails in German and I am used to have the comfort of a spell checker for English+German from applications like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Live Mail, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Live Writer (BTW, used Live Write for writing this blog entry) etc. ...

Some weeks ago I started developing a new tiny application which is able to synchronize custom dictionaries: UserDictSync

Of course I’d like to add support for Lotus Notes 8.5.x and maybe Symphony 3

At the moment it will be more interesting for developers since the following applications are supported by UserDictSync at the moment:

  • Firefox (Mozilla)
  • TortoiseSVN (The TortoiseSVN team)
  • VisualAssist (Whole Tomato Software)
  • Windows Live Writer (Microsoft)

Just give it a try.
Suggestions are welcome!

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